polit(t)ico is a critical workroom that uses architecture as a lens and a mirror through which to read the world of art and media, scientific and technological innovation, and the social, cultural, and geopolitical realms.


it aims to explore how the city, urban and suburban processes, built environments, and landscape conditions widen our consideration of architecture not only as an organizational complex but also as a human habitat.


polit(t)ico is a creative factory where material products as well as immaterial work are produced. It can also be seen as a theater where research produced at the University of Pisa and at other universities in Italy or abroad can be presented and discussed.


it is open to students, scholars, intellectuals, scientists, inventors, and creatives. Meetings and events take place in both institutional and informal venues; they are held alternately at the university and in the city.


polit(t)ico promotes a vision of architecture as a form of knowledge that cuts across different disciplines; at the same time, it functions as an agent that aims to further the development of these disciplinary connections. It theorizes the crucial role of the architect as author, creative engineer, and intellectual.


Lina Malfona

Scientific Board UniPi
Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua
Valerio Cutini
Luca Lanini
Roberto Barbuti
Fabio Gadducci
Denise Ulivieri
Luisa Pellegrini

scientific committee
Marco Biraghi, Politecnico di Milano
Marco Brizzi, California State University
Elisa Dainese, Georgia Institute of Technology
Kenneth Frampton, Columbia University
Andri Gerber, ZHAW Winterthur
Valerio Paolo Mosco, IUAV Venezia
Karen Pinkus, Cornell University
Luca Ponsi and David Shanks, Syracuse University
Franco Purini, Università Sapienza
Maurizio Sabini, Drury University
Marcel Sanchez-Prieto, Woodbury University
Valter Scelsi, Università di Genova
Naomi Stead, Monash University
Dan Su, Tsinghua University
Jae Emerling, University of North Carolina

Editorial Staff
Fabio Santaniello Bruun / design
Andrea Crudeli / tuscan ARCHITECTURE
Benedetta Marradi / TECHNOLOGY
Yue (Maria) Ma / art & architecture design
Faustino Morrone / social media management
Marco Cappelletti / social media management 
Arianna Russo / social media management

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Polit(t)ico Research Lab is a versatile research platform sponsored by the University of Pisa, focusing on architectural theory, epistemology, and the arts.

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