A view on unfinished architecture in the countryside with mountains on the horizon


lecture series
april-may 2021

Pippo Ciorra | SAD UNICAM
Cherubino Gambardella | UniCampania
Luben Dimcheff | Cornell University
Elisa Dainese | Georgia Tech
Luca Ponsi | Syracuse University
Stefano Chiodi | UniRoma2
Sara Marini | IUAV

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Blumer -cover

riccardo blumer

lecture: imagination requires practice. an architects' job
february 6, 2020, h. 15:00

Architectures surround us without necessarily being houses, temples, theaters or buildings in general...

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Alessandro Melis @ Polit(t)ico

alessandro melis

lecture: Radical Resilience
7 november 2019, h. 11:00

Can transdisciplinarity be a vehicle for creativity? Can associative thinking become a positive transformation tool in a period of global change like the current one? ...

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Marco Biraghi @ Polittico

marco biraghi

lectUre: l'architetto come intellettuale
21 november 2019

In the late 90s Biraghi became a researcher in architectural history at the Faculty of Architecture-Leonardo of the Polytechnic of Milan. Since 2012 he's been teaching at the...

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Margherita Petranzan @ Polittico

margherita petranzan

lecture: Designing, Building, Living
10 october 2019, h 10

Every era wanted and produced places which are spatially well-recognizable and referable to it. Every space which is turned into an inhabited place contains the temporal coordinates tha...


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Polit(t)ico Research Lab is a versatile research platform sponsored by the University of Pisa, focusing on architectural theory, epistemology, and the arts.

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