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permanent workshop

creative process

permanent workshop

the permanent workshop Creative Processes is the training section of Polit(t)ico Research Lab, where visiting scholars are invited to teach a short-term seminar. Students are engaged in discussions with educators coming from different environments, and measure their skills working on topics related to art, photography, urban geography, philosophy, sociology, science and so on. Scholars are invited to give lectures and to launch discussions, while a public talk with invited discussant is the last step of each workshop. The permanent workshop’s result is not just a final object but a tentative theory, a rationale which draws up a map of possibilities. Invited educators and programs are selected by the UniPi Board to widen the Architecture Program’s institutional curricula.


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marco cappelletti

8–9 october 2019

The workshop, curated by Lina Malfona and Benedetta Marradi, held by Marco Cappelletti will aim to create a narration by images that adheres to the specificity of the photographic medium and will be open to students of any year and faculty. 

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Pascal Sschwaighofer for Polit(t)ico permanet workshop

pascal schwaighofer

5–6 july 2019

Interdisciplinary methodologies will be employed to focus on the practical, political, and speculative implications of a work’s dismemberment, and concepts like multitudes, networks, and swarm theory will be called upon in relation to Schwaighofer’s essay “Honey Ties.”

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Polit(t)ico Research Lab is a versatile research platform sponsored by the University of Pisa, focusing on architectural theory, epistemology, and the arts.

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