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pisa architecture

call for universities

deadline 7th october 2019

curated by Lina Malfona

From the next 21st November, the Republican Arsenal of Pisa welcomes the third edition of the Architectural Biennale of Pisa. Alfonso Femia, director the 2019 Biennale, suggests a reflection, that is also an awareness campaign, on the theme of water, architecture and water, through a call for action which reference subject is TEMPODACQUA/WATERTIME

We imagine a future, a time when we reside, we live, we imagine with water. From the physical limit, relatively variable, to the undefinite border. From the horizon to the ground. Danger, an opportunity to live. The time of ephemeral, fragile and variable things vs the time of consolidated, solid and static ones.
We imagine cities that change and others that emerge, housing made of cycles and subject to evolutions and others that will disappear. Landscapes that will mutate and others that will appear.
In a place that counts a lot for you, in a real or imaginary city that belongs to you, on a continent that you love, we invite you to imagine and tell your vision, your architecture, your dream, your imagination, your reality.
The whole will animate the imaginary model of a continent that became a volcanic island, whose entrance and exit doors, mineral, will continually be connected to the sea.
Models, sketches, films, texts will tell the WATERTIME continent, time narrated by water, water measured over time.

The documents must be digitally sent before October 7, 2019 via WeTransfer to polittico@unipi.it.

The actions can be provided in the form of models, sketches and images, films and oral comments.

Documents should be sent according to the following format:

1) Presentation video: MP4 or MOV Full HD, vertically oriented (1080x1920), like a smartphone selfie, or 1080x1080, 25 FPS
2) Images: Hi-res JPEG Images (low compression) or PNG-24, 2600px
3) Texts: .rtf format
4) Design Videos: MP4 o MOV Full HD 1920x1080 25fp
5) Slideshow: max length 120/180 seconds, with project title, project name and description through drawings, images, photos, English texts

More information on TEMPODACQUA website.

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