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alessandro melis

7 November h. 11.00
aula magna storica,
palazzo la sapienza, pisa

greetings by Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua
introduction by Lina Malfona
discussants Davide Tommaso Ferrando, Andrea Crudeli

Can transdisciplinarity be a vehicle for creativity? Can associative thinking become a positive transformation tool in a period of global change like the current one? And how to transmit associative thinking through pedagogy? Alessandro Melis explores the possibility that a radical spatial reconfiguration of the built environment may offer new opportunities for the development and transformation of present urban metabolism. A heteronomous approach to architecture, together with new design techniques, intelligent technologies and the use of advanced digital tools will be deepened as conditions for new future scenarios. Alessandro Melis teaches at the University of Portsmouth (UK) and is the curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Biennale in Venice. Both his design proposals and urban studies address urgent issues, such as climate change and resilient communities.



aula magna storica, palazzo la sapienza
via curtatone e montanara 15, pisa

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