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the architect
as an intellectual

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marco biraghi

21 November, h 18:30
gipsoteca di arte antica, pisa

Lina Malfona

Luca Lanini, Matteo Costanzo

Who is the architect today? In almost all cases, he is a professional figure whose job basically consists in satisfying - with a commitment and competence that varies from individual to individual - the client's requests, without any ability or ambition to propose to the city and society in which he lives an overall vision and above all a critical one.

But it was not always like this, in fact architects such as Leon Battista Alberti and Aldo Rossi have played the role of intellectual: not only that of the creator of buildings but also that of the author of interpretations of the world, able to modify it or at least to question it. Throughout history, architects have gradually been advisors, thinkers, dreamers, utopians. For some decades, however, something seems to have changed: this role no longer seems to belong to the architect's tasks and horizon of interest.

From an intellectual to an executor (however complex and demanding these may be), the trajectory marks an evident involution. Some questions are imposed at this point: in today's landscape, is there an heir to this noble tradition? And also: is an "intellectual architect" still needed in today's society? And will it deemed necessary in the future?



gipsoteca di arte antica
piazza s. paolo all'orto 20, pisa

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