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Margherita Petranzan

10 October, h 10.00
A24, polo a, ingegneria, pisa

First of all, human beings inhabit time, and then the space of constructed things.

Every era wanted and produced places which are spatially well-recognizable and referable to it. Every space which is turned into an inhabited place contains the temporal coordinates that allowed its construction. Therefore, specific and recognizable constructions belong to each era, reflecting its characteristics.

The purpose of building is living, even if not all buildings are inhabitable. Everything built is part of the abode of men in the world.

Building is the means by which, through the project, the ultimate goal is achieved: inhabiting. Designing and building are the substance of architecture, whose ultimate goal will therefore be living.

Only when we can inhabit, we can design and build.

Living is the result of a complex movement that leads to the concreteness of the home-thing, built and thought of as an important breath of time that wanted to put it into place.



aula a24, polo a, scuola di ingegneria
largo lucio lazzarino 2, pisa

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