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cappelletti: translation

cappelletti: translation

Permanent workshop
creative process

8–9 October
scuola di ingegneria, pisa
galleria del vento

Just as the literary translator, the photographer crosses a middle land in between the desire for an image that does not yet exist and a subject to reproduce that already exists, sometimes in a stately manner. The idealistic intent, in translation as well as in photography, is the will to restore to others a faithful version of the existent.
Starting from this comparison, Marco Cappelletti (here the bio) will propose to the students a  workshop, the objective of which will be the realization of a narration by images that adheres to the specificity of the photographic medium. Open to students of any grade and faculty, the workshop will begin with a theoretical introduction to the photographic image with the aim of defining its semiotic distinction from any other form of visual representation. Afterwards, some examples of notable photographic projects will be shown in order to better understand the concepts expressed.

In the following phase, participants divided into groups will be asked to design and build a visual narrative also through their theoretical field as a filter. The workshop will therefore aim to develop a small photographic project or to lay the basis for developing larger ones. The places in which to operate will be mainly the wind tunnel and the material testing laboratory of the university, which can be visited and photographed for the duration of the workshop.

A review phase at the end of the first day and a verification of the works of the second day will complete the workshop. It is not necessary to have professional cameras, any device, including smartphones, capable of taking photographs is welcome. Due to the limited time it is preferable to use digital devices. The presentation of the documents can be done via any device.

The workshop has limited access. Registrations are open until 5 October 2019 11 am CEST. Interested students, PhD students, and professors can send an email to


8 October

9:00-10:00 Workshop intro

11:00-17:00 Workshop

17:00-19:00 Presentation and discussion of firsts hypothesis


9 October

9:00-10:00 Discussion and development of firsts hypothesis

10:00-13:00 Workshop

18:30-20:00 Open final Talk with guest discussants



galleria del vento, scuola di ingegneria
largo lucio lazzarino 2, pisa

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