The Emerging Model

The Emerging Model


Mar 17–25, 2022

The Emerging Model | Master Class with Luben Dimcheff [Assistant Professor, Cornell University AAP], Università di Pisa, Polit(t)ico Research Lab, Spring 2022

Focused on the generative nature of the Model, this Master Class addresses the infinite value of the architectural maquette – the iterative study model in particular and its potent derivatives – as an instrument for design. Understood as an analytical and exploratory device, the model is only tangentially representational; more so and rather importantly - it is loaded with both ephemeral and tangible aspects of its subject’s context and the author’s intent. Intrinsically rooted in the act of making, the model bridges thought and re/vision to building; it exists as contexture of physical structure, subservient to gravity and unbounded intellectual projection, where ideas are confronted, augmented and evolved -  ultimately materialized in the form of space and profound spatial experience.        


March 17th, 10am-1pm; 2pm-5pm
March 18th, 10am-1pm
March 24th, 10am-1pm; 2pm-5pm
March 25th, 10am-1pm

School of Engineering, University of Pisa

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Polit(t)ico Research Lab is a versatile research platform sponsored by the University of Pisa, focusing on architectural theory, epistemology, and the arts.

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