Historian, critic and architect, he has been ware professor at Università La Sapienza in Rome. Portoghesi directed several architecture magazine, as Controspazio, Materia, Abitare la terra, he published hundreds of papers and books on renaissance and baroque architecture, on Liberty an on contemporary architecture, among which Michelangelo Architetto, 1964; Roma Barocca, 1966; Borromini, architettura come linguaggio. Portoghesi has been the first director of the Architecture Venice Biennale, and he has been also director and president of the Biennale institution. He’s member of the “Accademia Nazionale di San Luca” since 1966, and he’s been the president of it from 2013 al 2019. Among his most famous works, there are “casa Baldi” and the Mosque of Roma. 

His contribution to Polit(t)tico: