Luben Dimcheff is Assistant Professor at Cornell University AAP and the principal of Dimcheff Studio, a creative consulting practice based in New York City. As principal at Dimcheff Studio, he oversees design work built internationally, including in Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai, with current residential and cultural projects in Cayuga Heights, NY, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Karachi and Modica, Sicily. In addition to his practice, Dimcheff is dedicated to academic work and has taught extensively in the realm of Architectural design, analytical representation and drawing.

Dimcheff is the coauthor of Model Perspectives | Structure, Architecture and Culture (Routledge, 2017); he has lectured on initiation Design pedagogy, Design Empathy and Cultivated Intuition, most recently at the 2019 International ACSA/EAAE Teachers Conference, hosted by the University of Antwerp in Belgium. Dimcheff received his professional degree in Architecture from Cornell and graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Seattle, where he studied Fashion and Interior design. He was born and grew up in Bulgaria, where he studied at the Romain Rolland School.

Luben Dimcheff is currently a Spring 2022 Visiting Fellow at the Università di Pisa.

His contributions to Polit(t)ico: